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Africa Ntjilo Empowerment

I met the founder, Hee Jung Kim, for the first time in 2016  while doing consulting works in the kingdom of Eswatini. I have witnessed with my own eyes that she has been teaching music to eSwatini youths with such a commitment and love. She always gives a ride to her students who come from far late at night after classes even skipping her dinner.  It is a miracle that musicians from all over the world visited eSwatini and voluntarily joined her in teaching music to eSwatini children and youths.  

It is my great pleasure to establish the Africa Ntjilo, a Korean branch of Africa Ntjilo Empowerment to give systematic admin and fundraising support and serve as the chairman. 

Over the past years, South Korea has been providing international development assistance in numerous underdeveloped countries.  Eswatini, known for having the highest prevalence rate of HIV, has suffered from poor education system and infrastructure, and music is not being taught at most public schools. I wholeheartedly believe that we can drive the holistic development of Eswatini children and youth and invite all of you to join us. 

                          Wonhwa Park

Chairman of Africa Ntjilo 

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Greetings from the Founder 

African culture has a deeply embedded love and passion for music and we believe that music is the most powerful facilitator to inspire, unite, and transform the broken communities. We aim to optimize those musical roots of the African community to nurture and educate children, enlighten and train young adults and revive its spirit and identity as a whole. 

In doing so, we would like to invite all young professional musicians over the glove as mentors and teachers of our program and beloved partners and leaders of this cultural revolution. Join us in empowering eSwatini children and youth through the restorative power of music and the virtuous culture of the orchestra in Eswatini, Africa! 

Heejung Kim

Founder and Executive Director

Ntjilo's History

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