Cultural Dialogue

for Global Musicians   

Teach, Perform, Travel in eSwatini

Become a Partner, Mentor, and Global Leader

We invite any your musicians who are longing for new challenges and inspirations and aspire to make positive changes in African communities through the musical talents. Through intensive teaching and performing opportunities around the new environment and audiences, you will acquire indispensable experiential learning thereof a profound understanding of African culture and people and broader and inclusive perception of a cosmopolitan society.  

What You will Experience


Meet New Students 

Teach your instrument to our passionate eSwatini students who are eager to learn more about the orchestra and the beauty of classical music! share your musical journey and cultivate the first generation of African orchestra players! 

2019 yullin mco.jpeg

Perform and Evangelize Orchestra in Africa

eSwatini community has an innate fervent love for music and growing interest in classical music. On top of its abundant choral music culture, they are desperately looking forward to adopting a new flow of instrumental music that could drive full potential of the classical music industry and culture. 


Connect with the Community

Working with our local music teachers on daily operation, you can be good friends with them and can go deep into the local lifestyle and vibe! 


Explore eSwatini

eSwatini is known for its unspeakably beautiful nature and easy access to peaceful wildlife. You can enjoy them by hiking, biking, horseriding, and many other leisure activities!